Rules Engine

The Enigma Rules Engine was born to help keep your primary business processes simple. There are many business systems that have a relatively simple purpose but get cluttered up with individual business rules ("except for this client...", "but for that product...", etc). The Enigma Rules Engine can increase the maintainability of these systems without sacrificing any of the flexibility. It does so by organizing and formalizing those individual business rules.

The Enigma Rules Engine helps to keep your systems maintainable by defining key points within the system where special rules are executed. The rules themselves are then stored in a file or database separate from the rest of the system. Rules can then be dynamically added, removed or modified without the need to change important system code.

The Enigma Rules Engine has been built utilizing .NET 4.0 technologies. It can be embedded into any .NET 4.0 system. It can also be easily embedded into a webservice to be used by more legacy applications. Learn more on the Tutorials page!